Trees, Fruits & Vines

​"The one had leaves of dark green that
​beneath were as shining silver, and from
​each of  its countless flowers a dew of
silver light was ever falling, and the earth
beneath was dappled with the shadows
of his fluttering leaves."
​                  -J.R.R. Tolkien


Plant A Tree Today For A Better Tomorrow!  Trees filter pollutants, absorb carbon dioxide and help fight erosion.  Trees properly placed around buildings can reduce air conditioning needs by 30% and can save 20-50% in energy used for heating. Holland’s carries hundreds of beautiful evergreen, shade and ornamental trees.  We offer delivery and planting services. List are general, inventory changes daily please call for availability and pricing.
TREES 2019-
Birch: Parkland Pillar, Royal Frost
Caragana: Walker Weeping, Weeping Tree Form
Catalpa Northern
Dogwood: Pagoda
Elm: Prairie Expedition, Valley Forge
Flowering Crab: Gladiator, Pink Spires, Prairiefire, Purple Prince, Red Splendor, Royal Raindrops, Rejoice, Spring Snow, Thunderchild
Hawthorn: Thornless
Honeylocust: Northern Acclaim
Hydrangea Tree Form: Limelight
Lilac: Dwarf Korean Tree Form,  Japanese Tree
Linden: Redmond, Greenspire, Harvest Gold 
Maple: Amur Tree Form, Emerald Lustre,  Hot Wings Tatarian, Firefall, Matador, Sienna Glen
Mountain Ash: European, Showy
Oak: Northern Pin, Bur, Heritage
Siouxland Poplar
Quaking Aspen
Willow: Prairie Cascade

FRUITS 2019-
Apple:  Frostbite, Haralred, Haralson, Honeycrisp, Kindercrisp, Prairie Magic, Snowsweet, Sweetsixteen, Zestar,Tripleplay Mid (honeycrisp, Sweet 16 & Cortland clump tree)
Crabapple: Chestnut, Whitney
Apricot: Brookcot, Westcot
Pear: Summercrisp
Plum: Alderman, Black Ice, LaCresent, Mt Royal, Pembina, Toka
Cherry: Meteor
Asparagus: Jersey Knight
Currant: Red Lake 
Grape: Bluebell, Edelweiss, Marquette, Frontenac, Valiant, Himrod
Gooseberry: Pixwell
Honeyberry: Aurora, Berry Blue, Borealis, Cinderella, Tundra
Raspberry: Boyne, Bristol Black, Caroline, Fallgold, Heritage, Killarney, Royalty, Latham, Raspberry Shortcake (thornless everbearing) 
Rhubarb: Chipman's Red, Victoria

VINES 2019-
Clematis:  Franziska Maria (double flowers 4-5" blue/purple)
Cezanne Blvd (blue with yellow center) Picardy Tudor (magenta)
Trumpetvine (orange)
Bianca Ornamental Hops
Honeysuckle: Dropmore (orange/yellow), Mandarin (bright orange), Honeybelle (golden yellow)
Engelmann Ivy
Boston Ivy
Autumn Revolution Bittersweet
Summer Cascade Wisteria