​"It is at the edge of the petal that love waits."
​           -William Carlos Williams

Shrubs & Roses

At Holland’s we have flowering shrubs, shrubs to fit into small places, shrub for hedges, and great evergreen shrubs to provide interest all year.  We have hundreds to choose from, all sure to add beauty to your world.

What could be more romantic than a garden full of blooming roses? At Holland’s we carry Hardy Shrub Roses, all own root and hardy for Zone 3 & 4.   All of our roses are sure to bring passion to your life! Lists are general, and change seasonally and daily, please call for availability-

SHRUBS 2018-
Barberry: Cabernet, Daybreak, Limoncello, Moscato, Orange Rocket, Sunjoy Gold Pillar, Toscana
Cotoneaster Hedge
Chokeberry: Viking (pictured)
Currant: Alpine
Dogwood:  Firedance, Ivory Halo, Cayenne
Dwarf Bush Honeysuckle
Elderberry: Black Lace, Instant Karma
Euonymus: Compact Burning Bush
Forsythia: Northern Gold
Hydrangea: Annabelle, Incredible, Bobo, Diamond Rouge (pictured), Limelight, Little Lime, Little Pinky Winky, Quickfire, Strawberry Sundae, Vanilla Strawberry, White Diamonds
Maple: Bailey Compact Amur
Ninebark: Amber Jubilee, Little Devil, Summer Wine
Rhododendron: PJM, Mandarin Lights
Serviceberry: Standing Ovations
Sumac: Cutleaf Staghorn, Tiger Eyes, Fragrant Gro Low
Sem Ash Leaf False Spirea
Spirea: Tor Birchleaf, Glow Girl Tor Birchleaf, Pink Sparkler Tor Birchleaf, Renaissance
Smokebush: Royal Purple, Golden Spirit
Symphoricarpos: Candy Coralberry
Lilac: Declaration (dark purple), Dwarf Korean (lavender), Miss Kim (purple), Miss Canada (pink), Common Purple, Virtual Violet (dark purple), Sensation (purple w/ white edge), Bloomerang Dark Purple
Weigela: Dark Horse, Red Prince
Willow: Dwarf Blue Arctic, Pussy Willow

ROSES Shrub-(hardy no need to cover)
Purple Pavement
All the Rage-apricot
Champagne Wishes-antique white
Como Park- double red
Coral Cove- orange/pink/yellow
High Voltage-double yellow
Kashmir-velvety red double
Little Mischief-deep pink
Music Box-cream, yellow, pink blend
My Girl-deep pink
Mystic Fairy-red/pink
Paint the Town-double red
Screaming Neon Red- single red
Sunrise Sunset-pink/ apricot blend
Super Hero-bright red
Above and Beyond- apricot climber (pictured)
Champlain-dark red
Hope for Humanity-blood red
John Cabot-orchid pink climber
Morden Centennial-pink
Ramblin Red-bright red climber
Winnipeg Parks-dark cherry pink

​"The richness I achieve comes from Nature, 
the source of my inspiration."
​                               -Claude Monet