"Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light."
​-Theodore Roethke

At Holland’s you will find a wide selection of perennials & evergreens that will infuse your yard with color for years to come.  We carry hundreds of different perennials, with many native selections to choose from.   Listings are general, our inventory changes daily so please call for availability and pricing.
Achillea (Yarrow): Strawberry Seduction
Aegopodium (Snow on the Mt)
Agastache (Anise Hyssop): Blue Fortune
Allium: Millenium
Ajuga: Burgundy Glow, Black Scallop, Chocolate Chip, Metallica Crispa
Alchemilla (Lady's Mantle): Thriller
Aquilegia (Columbine): Origami Mix
Aralia: Sun King
Armeria (Sea Pink Thrift)
Artemisia (Silver Mound)
Asclepias Butterfly Flower-Blond Bombshell, orange, native (Pink)
Astilbe: Burgundy Red, Fanal, Little Visions in Pink, Rise and Shine, Visions in Purple, Red Sentinel
Aster: Woods Blue, Woods Pink, Purple Dome
Baptisia:  False Indigo
Bergenia: Heartleaf, Red Beauty, Sakura
Brunnera Looking Glass

Campanula: Wine and Rubies, Pearl Deep Blue
Convallaria (Lily of the Valley)
Coreopsis: Moonbeam, Baby Sun, Zagreb
Chrysanthemum MN Mammoth:
Coral Daisy, Dark Bronze, Lavender Daisy, Red Daisy, Yellow Quill
Delphinium: Black Eyed Angel, Cobalt Dreams, Magic Fountains Mix, Million Dollar Blue, Pink Punch
Dianthus: Firewitch, Grenadin Hardy Triumph Mix
Dicentra: Old Fashioned Bleeding Heart Pink, Old Fashioned White, Gold Heart, Valentine

Digitalis: Giant Shirley, Foxy mix
Coneflower: Cheyenne Spirit, Kim's Knee High, Lakota Santa Fe, Marmalade, Sombrero Adobe Orange, Sombrero Salsa Red, PowWow Wild Berry
Eupatorium: Baby Joe, Gateway
Fern: Lady in Red, Japanese Painted, 
Gaillardia: Arizona Sun, Goblin, Apricot Shades
Geranium: New Hampshire Purple, Pink Candy
Geum (Prairie Smoke)
Gypsophila (Baby's Breath)

Helenium (Sneezeweed): Helena Mix, Red Jewel
Hemerocallis (Daylily): Going Bananas, Strutters Ball, Magic Amethyst, Alabama Jubilee, Big Time Happy, Blueberry Candy, Buttered Popcorn, Just Plum Happy, New Tangerine Twist, Passionate Returns, Prairie Wildfire, Wineberry Candy

Heucherella: Pumpkin Spice
Heuchera (Coralbells): Berry Smoothie, Caramel, Electric Plum, Melting Fire, Twist of Lime, Dark Secret, Obsidian
Hibiscus: Cranberry Crush, Perfect Storm

Hosta: Abique Drinking Gourd, Bands of Gold, Bedazzled, Blue Hawaii, Blue Mouse Ears, Fourteen Carats, Frozen Margarita, Guacamole, Hands Up, Minuteman, Paul's Glory, Pilgrim

Iris German: Earl of Essex-white/orchid, Harvest of Memories-yellow, His Royal Highness-purple/yellow,
Iris Siberian: Blueberry Fair, Caesar's Brother, Butter & Sugar, Contrast in Styles, Over in Gloryland

Leucanthemum (Shasta Daisy): Silver Princess, Crazy Daisy
Liatris: Kobold, Floristan White
Ligularia: King Kong
Lobelia: Cardinal Flower, Great Blue, Green Native Red
Lysimachia: Golden Alexander
Lupine: Gallery Mix
Monarda: Adam, Bubblegum Blast, Grape Gumball
Nepeta: Walker's Low, Cool Cat, Cat's Meow
Origanum (Ornamental Oregano)
Ornamental Grass: Karl Foerster Calamagrostis, Avalanche Calamagrostis, Fall Blooming Feather Reed,  Northern Sea Oats, Tufted Hair, Fescue Beyond Blue,  Flame Miscanthus, Skyracer Moor, Shenandoah Panicum, Blue Heaven Little Bluestem, Prairie Dropseed
Oenothera (Evening Primrose) 

Papaver (Oriental Poppy): Prince of Orange, Royal Wedding
Peony: Bowl of Cream, Fernleaf (Memorial Day), Charles White, Felix Supreme-double red, Kansas-double red, Rachel-red, Sarah Bernhardt-double pink, Scarlet O'Hara- single red, Sea Shell- single pink

Phlox: Bubblegum Pink, Coral Crème Drop, Grape Lollipop, Cotton Candy pink
Creeping phlox: Emerald Pink, Candy Stripes, White Delight
Penstemon: Blackbeard, Prairie Dusk
Perovskia (Russian Sage): Rocketman
Platycodon (Balloon Flower): Double Blue
Pulmonaria Raspberry Splash
Rudbeckia: Goldsturm
Salvia: Midnight Model
Sedum: Autumn Delight, Dazzleberry, Fireglow, Frosted Fire, Little Miss Sunshine, Purple Emperor, Roof Top Garden Mix, Sunsparkler Firecracker, Chocolate Drops, Autumn Joy, Mr. Goodblud
Sempervivum (Hen and Chicks):
Black, Chicks Mix, Cobweb, Forest Frost, Hopewell, Pacific Blue Ice, Peggy, Piloseum, Ruby Heart, Silver King, Sirius
Scabiosa: Blue Butterfly
Thyme: Red Creeping
Tradescantia (Spiderwort): Red Cloud
Veronica: Red Fox, Sunny Border Blue

Juniper: Blueberry Delight, Medora
Spruce: Black Hills, Fastigata, Fat Albert, Globe Blue
Taunton Spreading Yew
Arborvitae: Pyramidal, Hetz Midget, Holmstrup, Technito
Mugho Pine-dwarf
Falsecypress Golden Mops Threadleaf
Tamarack Larch