Annuals, Veggies​
& Seeds-

​"With a garden, there is hope."
​Grace Firth, American Naturalist

Holland’s carries hundreds of varieties of annual flowers, vegetable plants, and herb plants, along with a selection of water plants.   We have beautifully planted containers and hanging baskets, ready for you to take home.  Our annuals are available in starter cell packs to large two-gallon containers.

We are all looking for a little hope in this world.  What could be more hopeful than planting seeds in the ground and watching them grow into veggies that will nourish your family!  With rising grocery prices, consider growing your own vegetables this year. You can control how your veggies are grown and the products that you use to grow them.  At Holland’s we package our own vegetable seeds, with varieties that produce in abundance!  In addition to our own seed we also carry other brands of seed.   We have everything you need to start your vegetable garden.  If you only have a small patio or balcony we have containers to grow in.  If you have acres we can order large quantities of seed.   Holland’s has fertilizer & growing supplies, with many organic growing options.  List are general, inventory changes daily, please call for availability. 

Jumbo 6 packs-variety of annual flowers and vegetables

Harvest 1 quart pots
Basil: Aristotle, Genovese, Spicy Globe, Sweet Italian Large Leaf, Thai
Lemon Grass
Parsley Curled
Tomato: Beefmaster, Big Beef, Burpee Big Boy, Celebrity, Early Girl, La Roma, Patio, Super Fantastic,  Sun Sugar, Super Sweet 100, Yellow Pear
Cucumber: Burpless, Homemade Pickles, Fanfare
Eggplant Black Beauty
Squash: Acorn, Buttercup, Zucchini
Watermelon Crimson Sweet
Pepper: Better Belle, California Wonder, Golden Summer, Habanero, Hungarian Hot Wax,  Jalapeno, Long Slim Cayanne, Orange Blaze, Poblano, Red Knight, Serrano Chili, Super Chili, Sweet Banana
Strawberries Everbearing, juneberring

Organic Heirloom Tomatoes -MANY VARIETIES!

Argyranthemum: yellow, hot pink
Angelonia: purple
Bacopa: white, purple
Begonia: Dragon Wings Red & Pink, Gryphon, Hiemalis;hot pink, red, white and orange
Cleome: hot pink
Coleus-HUGE variety of colors and types
Dipladenia pink
Gaura: pink
Geranium (zonal): red, burgundy, hot pink, white, coral, orange
Gerbera Daisy mix
Lysimachia: trailing
Sweet Potato Vine: lime, purple, variegated
Succulents -HUGE variety of colors and types

Ornamental Grass: Purple Fountain Grass, Fireworks Grass, Vertigo Grass, Red Riding Hood Grass, Twisted Juncus Grass, Carex Toffee Twist Grass, King Tut, Prince Tut, Baby Tut

New Guinea Impatines: orange/bronze, scarlet/bronze
Dahlia: burgundy, hot pink, coral blend
Canna: Red, yellow
Calla: Yellow, purple
Regal Geraniums: burgundy, dark pink, lavender, bright red
Scented Geraniums & Citronella
Wave Petunia: velour, flag mix, coral reef, great lakes mix, purple, red, white, hot pink

Jumbo 6 packs from Ageratum-Zinnia

Hanging Baskets 11"-22" Fiber/Moss Baskets (for sun and shade)
1/2 baskets and hanging spheres
Planters - many combination planters

SEEDS 2019-
Holland's Bulk Seed-
(many other seed packets available- Cornucopia & Prairie Road Organic Seed -LARGE VARIETY AVAILABLE - Call or Message us for variety questions. ALL seed that Holland's carries is un-treated FREE from Insecticide/Fungicide/Herbicide and Non-GMO)

Sweet Corn:  Incredible, Bodacious, Peaches and Cream Early Bicolor, Peaches and Cream Mid Bicolor
Bush Beans:  Tendergreen Imp., Strike
Pea: Lincoln, Dakota, Little Marvel, Sugar Sprint (Edible Pod), Wando
Carrot: Mini Cored Nantes
Radish: Cherry Belle, Diakon white, 
Squash: Buttercup Burgess Strain

Potato seed: Norland (early red), Pontiac (late red), Kennebec (white), Yukon Gold, Russet, Purple Majasty

Onion Sets: Red, White Globe, Yellow Sweet Spanish
California Garlic Bulbs, Banana Shallot Bulbs

Onion Plants (special order only-please order by Mid April)
Red, Walla Walla, Highlander, Yellow Sweet Spanish